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Top 10 Favorite Books for Preschoolers

Ever since our local library started a program called, "Library Takeout" in June, we have been visiting the library almost every week to borrow books. Being at home since March, I was really looking forward to the day in which the library would finally reopen so that I can find different ways to keep Celine entertained while, still learning. The library still remains closed to visitors at this time however, they have done an amazing job to still offer children great online learning services and the ability to order books on loan from their online catalog. In addition, they've been supplying children with lunch and art projects to work on at home all Summer long. I am beyond greatful to have this free resource that my community provides us with. Celine has been able to take full advantage of weekly zoom story times, access to various online learning programs, free lunches, and her favorite, taking home new books to read each week! It's literally been the highlight of her day to visit the library now, that she has been out of daycare. I don't mean to get political on here but, I must state how important it is for us to get involved in our community elections and vote on budgets as well as community leaders. Doing so, will ensure that our children receive the services that are fundamental to their growth and development. Also, I greatly encourage you to take full advantage of these types of services being offered in your area because this helps them to continue to be funded and open to your community.

Enough with my rant! We've read so many books in the past 3 months since the program began. However, I compiled a list of favorite books that Celine has enjoyed reading the most during this Summer season. I think it will be helpful especially during this time where a lot of our children will be spending more time at home and will be needing variations from what they already have in their home libraries.

1. Pete The Cat Books by James Dean

These have been one of Celine's favorite story time books since she starting daycare. What she loves the most about them is that there's usually a fun song to go with the story. What I love most about it as a parent is that there's always a positive message in every book. Also, I can always find these books in Spanish which is great in helping me to continue to implement the language into Celine's vocabulary.

2. Fancy Nancy Books by

These have been Celine's all time favorite books since before she turned a year old when she began to watch the show on the Disney channel. She truly enjoys Nancy and Jojo's character so much. What I love about it is that each book introduces the reader to new higher level vocabulary terms, some books even have a vocabulary list in the back page with definitions. Each story has a great lesson which I find very relatable to myself growing up as a child. In addition, it teaches us a little bit of French every time!

3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr.

I can recall the first time Celine ever had this book read to her was when she was about 6/7 months old when I used to take her to our local library baby & toddler story time sessions. She has enjoyed reading this book for so long that she has memorized some of it. This book is great for practicing colors and animals with your children. It's an overall fun book to read in which your child can guess what will come on the next page.

4. The Way I Feel by Janan Cain

Celine really enjoyed this book during the time we had it on loan from the library. She chose to read this at bedtime almost every night. I believe what she liked about it most was that she could really see and understand the children's emotions through the great illustrations. I loved how the author and artist of the book depicted a diverse variation of multicultural children. This book is great to help with teaching your children about emotions, what they may look like, reactions, and simply beginning to discuss their own feelings.

5. Penguins Love Colors by Sarah Aspinall

This book has such bright and colorful illustrations. It is truly a fun way to practice colors with your children. Celine really loved looking at the pictures in this book and describing what the penguins were doing on each page. As a parent, it is such a loving and sweet story about the love and relationship between a mother and her babies.

6. Lola por Junot Diaz/ IslandBorn by Junot Diaz

I was so excited when we picked up this book from the library and started reading it with Celine for the first time. This book does an outstanding job at depicting the life of a Dominican native born girl and her family living in New York City. I know Celine is still too young to understand the book and all it's teachings however, I felt so proud in knowing that a book such as this one exists and that I can read it to her again in the future when she can have a better understanding. As I read this book, I felt so nostalgic reading about the Dominican Republic and everything about the culture. I literally saw my tia, my uncle, and my grandma in this book. The illustrations are so precise and beautiful, it does an excellent job at depicting Dominican historical context without directly mentioning it in the text of the book. This book is one I definitely will be adding to Celine's book shelf in the future and that I will hold dear to us because it is so relatable to our own family life.

7. Abuela by Arthur Dories

This is another beautiful book which shows perfect illustrations of New York City. As I read this book with Celine, I couldn't help but get flashbacks of myself waiting at those bus stops or riding the subway to get to work and school everyday before she was born. Celine has a profound relationship with her grandmother and that's why I think this book really resonated with her. Not to mention, she also has a thing for wanting to fly like birds. What I loved about this book is that it is narrated in English however, the author throws in a couple of Spanish words throughout the entire book.

8. No, David! by David Shannon

This book was so hilarious because it depicted many of the things my daughter does today and how I react when she does the things I tell her not to do. I think she really liked the book for that reason as well. I think she saw herself in those situations as we read the book every time. This book is actually also available in Spanish but, my library didn't have it at the time. This book is great to use as an example when discipling your children on how to behave and not get into trouble. I think every parent can find a moment they've had with their child while reading this book.

9. David Va a La Escuela por David Shannon/David Goes To School

This book I was able to get for Celine in Spanish which I was happy about because as you may already know, I want to keep introducing the language to her as much as possible. In this book David is a little older and now attending school. The book depicts scenarios that children usually may go through once they start school. Although Celine is still young, I think it's a great way of introducing to her what school will be like and how she should behave once she starts attending. I could tell she really comprehended and learned from this story because after reading it she started raising her hand to speak and once she raised her hand and clenched her legs together to indicate to me she wanted to use the potty. I couldn't help but to laugh.

10. Mixed Me by Taye Diggs

This was such a beautiful book with such a positive message. This a great book to start the discussion of tolerance, racism, and diversity with your little one. What I love most about this story is how the character of Mike is portrayed in such a positive, easy-going, and happy spirit. It's a great way to show children that they should always be happy, proud, and confident of everything that makes them who they are.

If you decide to try any of these books with your children, I truly hope you enjoy it as much as we have and that maybe it becomes a favorite for you as well...

...Sew This is Life!

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