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The Life of a Toddler Dad From HIS Perspective-Q&A

Back when our daughter was about 5 months old, I interviewed my husband to get his perspective of parenthood as a first time dad. (You can check that interview out here.) When our daughter turned 2 years old and officially entered the toddler stage, I thought it was time for a new insight on how being a father of a daughter had changed for him over the months.

As I’ve stated in my prior interview, the father’s perspective is often overlooked. We, women are the ones who go through all the physical, hormonal, emotional, and psychological changes right? Yet, we fail to realize that the actively committed father does as well. Over the months, as my daughter has grown to now be a 2 year old toddler, I myself have witnessed the changes my husband has undergone. I’ve watched him change physically, emotionally, and mentally. With this interview I hope to shine a light on those amazing dads out there who have given their all to be the best parent they could be to their children and to support the mother of their children. A little tip for my moms out there, next time your spouse complains about how hard being a father is instead of ranting on about how much harder it is for us simply respond, “I understand”.

Q: Would you say being a father has become more difficult, stayed equally as difficult as it was in the beginning, or less difficult? In what ways?

A: “I think it has remained equally difficult. I say this because every stage in a child’s life is going to bring difficulties but also such great memories will be created.“

Q: What is your biggest fear as a parent?

A: “There are so many, especially in today’s world. I try to avoid thinking of the fears I have because with everything I see on t.v. and social media, it brings me severe anxiety as a parent.“

Q: What has been or continues to be the biggest challenge at this stage (toddler) of your daughter’s life for you?

A:“I will say something that continues to be a challenge for me as a dad, is doing her hair. I’ve attempted a few times but, right now the best I can do is a simple ponytail. Most of the time I just find a cute hat to just hide all her hair underneath and walk out the door.“

Q: Now that you are 2 years into fatherhood, do you feel like being a parent has molded you to become a different person? In what ways?

A: “Yes parenthood has made me a different person. I was very selfish with my time before being a parent. Now, anytime I get, I want to spend it with my daughter. I want to make sure I don’t miss any milestones.”

Q: How do you cope with the stressors that come with being a father?

A: “Well I talk to you (my wife) about it. That helps a ton.“

Q: How would you describe your daughter’s personality so far?

A: “She’s a diva. She’s loving. She’s funny. She’s caring. She’s awesome and I’m loving every bit of it.” Q: Where do you see or wish to see your daughter 13 years from now?

A:“I wish to see her happy, happy doing whatever it is she’s passionate about. That’s all. I’m not going to dream about where I want to see her because it is her life and her journey I’m just here to guide her.“ Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your daughter?

A: “Watch movies, especially Disney movies because I’m a big kid myself.“ Q: What is one special father-daughter “thing” you share with your daughter?

A: “We laugh and joke together all the time. It’s awesome. She gets me.“

Q: What’s your favorite thing about this age?

A: “Her curiosity.“ Q: What’s your least favorite thing about this age?

A: “The tantrums (terrible 2s).” Q: If you could give your daughter one piece of advice to last her a lifetime what would it be?

A: “To be happy enjoy life and to never care about what people think of her. To learn how to self motivate and never allow anyone to determine her level of success in life.“

Q: If you could experience one thing all over again or re-do any moment in the last 3 years what would it be?

A: “I wouldn’t want to repeat anything I’m enjoying the ride of seeing her grow I’m more ecstatic about what the future will look like for us.“ Q: If you could do anything different in the last 3 years what would it be?

A: “I don’t think about the past. I’m only focused on the future.” Q: What advice would you give soon to become fathers on adjusting to a new lifestyle as a parent?

A:“I would advise upcoming fathers to be patient, be loving, and support their partner through this journey.“ Q: What advice would you give soon to become parents on maintaining a healthy and strong marriage while juggling parenthood and everyday life duties?

A: “Talk, listen, motivate each other, make time for each other, and most importantly love one another. This journey (marriage & parenthood) is long and requires lots of patience and endurance.” Q: What are some of the things you’ve had to give up since becoming a father?

A: “Well I don’t have much time for myself any longer but, I don’t feel like I gave up anything. Instead, I’ve received so much more. You girls keep me busy enough.“ Q: What is the most prominent impression you want your daughter to have of you that she will always remember throughout her life?

A: “Good question. I want her to always remember how much I love her and how much we support her. Also, I want her to follow our work ethics and how motivated we are to make sure our family continues to be successful in every aspect.“

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