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The Addam's Family Movie Experience-Toddler's First Time At The Movies

Hey there! It's been a WHILE since I've had the opportunity to catch you all up on my crazy and most of the time, hectic, mom life. It's unbelievable how much can change in just a few months, both for myself and my daughter. In this post I wanted to share with you all my daughter's very first experience at the movie theater.

This is something that I've been anticipating to finally do with her. Since last year, I have always had it in my mind to someday attempt to take her to the movies but, for some reason I've just never gone through with it. In a way I'm kind of glad it never happened back then because after actually experiencing it with her, I now know, she probably would've been too young for a movie theater experience no matter how child appropriate the movie would've been.

About a week after my daughter's 2nd birthday, my husband invited us on a date to the movie theater. It was one of those days he coincidentally ended up having the night off so, he decided he wanted to do something special to spend his free time together with us. I was super excited (we hardly ever go to the movies) and immediately began looking for movie options that may be of interest to our newly turned 2 year old little diva. To my luck, there were not many age appropriate options that I thought she may enjoy. You see for a toddler, you really have to consider if it's a movie she would be willing to sit through for a minimum of 2 hours. The only movie I thought may work was "The Addams Family" animated movie. I did a little trial to see if my daughter would be interested in watching the movie by showing her the movie trailer and she was so into it. She was so upset when the trailer ended and I had nothing more to show her. She just kept saying, "Mommy, what happened?...What happened mommy?"

I have always been a fan of all of the Addams Family movies especially during the Halloween season however, I wasn't too sure of what to expect from this movie and how my daughter would respond to it once we were already at the movie theater. When I told my husband that this was the only option we had to watch, he also did not seem too optimistic. Nonetheless, we made our way out of the house and to the theater to give it a try.

Once we arrived at the theater, we purchased our tickets for the 3D movie showing and got on line to purchase some snacks. I kept staring at my daughter's face just watching her looking up at everything in the theater in amazement. All of a sudden she began to act as if she knew what we were there for. She was full of energy and excitement. She was so happy that she even posed for me to take a picture of her without my request.

It was pouring outside that night and she wanted to wear her new rainboots even though they are still too big on her.

Once in our seats, she kept looking around the theater and at the screen taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. From the moment we sat down until the end of the movie she sat in between my husband and I in our big cozy (AMC Dine-In Theater) seat and ate popcorn like a big girl. I caught myself staring at her in awe numerous times during the movie. Watching her sit there so tranquil and so interested in the movie just reinforced the fact that she wasn't a baby any longer.

I have to say she wasn't the only one that enjoyed the movie. My husband and I also really liked it. There were even moments during the movie that my husband just burst out in laughter. On our way home we literally had to sing the theme song over and over again to our daughter because she loved it so much. Even now when we sing it to her she automatically begins to attempt to snap her fingers which is the most hilarious yet cutest thing to watch. I highly recommend this movie for children of all ages. Even babies will be sure to enjoy it! One tip however, I wouldn't recommend the 3D version for young children as they probably won't want to keep the glasses on. My daughter kept taking it off during the movie and we had to keep reminding her to keep it on. Now I know for next time around, don't spend the extra bucks on the 3D tickets...

...Sew This is Life!

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