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Summertime Hiking: A Great Workout Alternative

    I don't know about you guys but, during the Summer months I much rather get a workout done outdoors than indoors in a smelly gym. Especially being from New York, Summer days are so limited that I like to take full advantage of the nice weather every chance I can. 

If you are in the New York area, here is a great way to get a workout in and enjoy nature and some beautiful views at the same time. My little sister was the person who first took me to this place. (By the way, she is also the person who inspired me to start a fitness journey before getting pregnant and continues to motivate me every single day.) When I first visited this place, I was so shocked to see that it was so close to home. All these years I have known the area, I had no idea this place even existed. All the scenic views it has, the natural green landscape, the animals (they even have a barn with goats), and the beautiful trail, I just couldn't believe I was still in New York and only a 10 minute drive away from home.

What I love about the Norman J. Levy trail besides the fact that you can easily break a sweat with all it's up and down hills but also, along the trail they have ever so cleverly installed "fitness stations". These fitness stations (which are numbered along the trail) consist of specific benches/bars needed to do the exercise illustrated on a sign. My husband and I usually stop at the push up and sit up stations and do a couple of those exercises in between our hike. 

My pictures actually don't do it any justice compared to the actual beauty this trail has to offer. While walking/running you can see all of Long Island and even the Manhattan skyscrapers. Along the route, the park has a long deck you can walk on and catch a view of the water. You may also run into some baby rabbits along your trail. I see one every time and I can't help to be mesmerized by their cuteness.

"It's not just about the great healthy workout you will be giving your body but, it also helps with your mental and spiritual health."

   Just this week, my husband and I decided to go visit the trail for the first time since last summer. After having such a great workout, we decided this would be our new workout routine the remainder of the summer instead of going to the gym. I mean it can't get any better than that. It's not just about the great healthy workout you will be giving your body but, it also helps with your mental and spiritual health. Walking the Norman J. Levy trail is totally calming, refreshing, stress relieving, and in my opinion a little "get-away" without actually getting away. My husband and I get to talk about our goals or anything that we haven't had a chance to catch up on, which most of the time is hard to do while at the gym. We get to take in some fresh air, a little Vitamin D, and by the end of the trail, we are drenched in sweat! Doing this has really made it easier to get back on track with trying to live an active and fit lifestyle. When I think about walking into a gym on a hot summer day, it just really doesn't excite me at all. However, now I have something I really look forward to as soon as I get off from work everyday. Something that really makes me feel good all around body, mind, and soul...

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