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How I've Stayed Fit During The Pandemic: Top Fitness Youtubers & Instagrammers

Living through a global pandemic, unemployment, and local business shutdowns including gyms, all while dealing with the mental stressors of being a wife and a toddler mom can make you never even consider the idea of staying physically active. Not to mention, trying to stay as one would say, "fit" or "in shape".

Thankfully, I can say that this pandemic actually helped me achieve a consistent workout regimen in my everyday life. Obviously, it did not start out that way at all. It took some time but, I can gladly say that today, I hold myself accountable for maintaining an active lifestyle. Whether it's just a quick 20 minute routine before going to bed or an entire 2 hours of hit and cardio, I make sure I get something done every single day. I am proud to say that I feel better about my body physically than I have in a long time, probably before I became pregnant with my now 2-year old daughter.

Here's How it All Started...

Back in March when the shut-down was first put into place, my sister gathered a group of us including some of her college friends for daily yoga sessions. Those were working out well for a while until, slowly but surely we all started getting a little too preoccupied and constantly rescheduling our original zoom meet times. After a few weeks of that, the zoom yoga group dismantled completely. However, my oh so determined sister, already had a plan underway for the both of us. She cleverly came up with 3 daily challenges including abs, arms, and glutes for us to complete together during each and every meeting. Oh and that's not all, the challenges are just a bonus. We also start each workout with some type of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), cardio, tabata, or full body routine before going into our challenges.

Our Main Resources: Top Fitness Youtubers To Check Out

I linked all their videos/channels below.

Cardio/HIIT/Tabata Routines:

Yvette Bachman

This woman is a killer!! (In a fitness good way, people) Most of her videos I find to be extremely physically challenging yet, in the perfect way. My sister and I have yet to master any of her videos. I mean we've been able to get through some of them just not without pausing it for breaks. If you want a day of intense cardio that will leave you drenched and feeling like you burned some real calories, go with Yvette's videos. Fair warning, her workout routines are not short.

Sydney Cummings

There are so many reasons why I love Sydney's videos. One of the main things I love, is that you can really see Sydney working hard in her videos. Watching her sweat, short of breath, and sometimes struggling just as much as I am, encourages me. Call me crazy but, her transparency and realness gives validity and value to her routines. She also provides a huge range of routines including everything from HIIT, Tabata, upper body, lower body, full body, low impact cardio, bodyweight, bands burnout workouts, and so much more. Also, her videos vary from short 30 minutes videos up to 60 minute videos. Definitely recommend checking her out!

Maria Leguizamon Colombian Mafia Fit

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Maria's workout routines! If you are ever looking for some fun, enjoyable, and energetic workouts, this is the girl to check out. Maria's videos are a combination of mostly legs, arms, and abs. What makes her routines so unique is the way she uses Latin music ranging from regeatton, merengue, salsa, bachata, and more to do dance-like leg workouts using bands. Every time I feel like I'm starting to get into a funk or about to give up on working out, I put on one of Maria's videos and immediately I'm ready to get active! I highly recommend these videos if you are really into dancing and would like to use that as a means to getting your leg and glute muscles tight.

Our Daily Challenges

Arms Routines:

As I mentioned before, everyday after our workout routine, we finished off with our 3 challenges for the day, starting with arms. Here are some short, quick, and simple Youtube videos I recommend that have really given me results by doing them daily.

Chloe Ting

Chloe has great quick and easy simple arm workouts on her channel. Her workouts are easy to follow and what I love most as a mom is that they usually can be done in under 15 minutes.


This is the main video my sister and I have been using over and over again to tone our arms. I know it may seem as though this could never work but, let me tell you my arms have not looked this tone since I was able to constantly be in the gym using weights. This video requires no weights at all, can be done anywhere, and when done right consistently for a period of time, can really give you results. Best of all, the entire routine is under 9 minutes!!

These toned arms, came from doing Growwithjo's video everyday.

Susana Yapar by Funfit

This is another video we've been using a lot to kind of switch it up a bit with bands. This 12 minute routine, will have your arms, shoulders, and back feeling a nice burn!

Abs Routines:

Chloe Ting

Again, Chloe Ting has really great, to the point, quick and easy workout routines which is why we incorporate her videos into our routines so often.


Maddie's videos are one of my faves because you can pretty much find a routine for any body part you would like to focus on. I've used her videos for abs, full body quick circuit routines, arm routines with bands/weights/no weights, legs routines, even for stretching and yoga! On the MadFit channel you'll also be able to find short and to the point videos for those of us who don't really have much time on our hands but, are still determined to get some work in for the day.

Our Glute Challenge:

I know you probably won't believe this but, we end every workout with a set of 300 donkey kicks on each leg with little to no stops.

Of course we gradually got up to 300. We didn't just start at that crazy amount. When we first started the challenge, we would do about 100 on each leg with about 2-3 pauses. Today, we are able to go all the way to about 200 before we have to take one quick 10-15 sec break and finish it off til 300. Our goal is to continue to increase the number once we can do 300 without stopping at all.

Measurement Changes From July 29th to August 31st:

Waist: 28.5" - 27.5"

Hips: 39.5" - 39.5"

Thigh: 18.5" - 19.5"

Calf: 13.75" - 13.5"

Not much changed in a month as far as measurements go, but my goal is not to loose any weight. Instead, my focus is to tone my muscles and eventually increase muscles mass.

Before I close out this post, I have to mention instagram fitness pro, Noelle Benepe. I have been following and using her fitness routines since before I even got married! She is truly the definition of an influencer in the most positive of ways. When I started this new lifestyle of truly trying to become more physically active, her fitness programs helped me encourage and strengthen me. Now that she is also a mom, she provides the most amazing quick 20 minute workout circuits that will get you sweating up a storm in your living room while your baby naps!

Although gyms have now reopened in my area, I'm not sure when I'll be ready to get back in there. I do miss having the weighted workout routines and all the machines. However, some things I have been able to gain now, that I never did while going to the gym are stamina, endurance, and my own bodyweight strength. I recommend trying to link up with someone that shares the same fitness goals as you and starting a routine zoom meeting. It really will show results not just physically but, mentally as well. You will notice how much more motivated you will become to get up and start moving. Going through a fitness journey with someone truly helps with staying consistent because you can hold each other accountable and also support each other along the way. I am forever grateful for my baby sis and all her fitness craziness. She was the first person to really drag me into fitness years ago and she has constantly been the person to pull me right back in when I seem to be going astray...

...Sew This is Life!

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