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Best End of The Summer Place to Visit in New York

The Waterdrinker Family Farm & Garden

Exactly two weeks ago, I had just finished my morning exercise routine with my little sister, when I decided that I didn't want to spend another day inside the house. I wanted to find somewhere that Celine could have an enjoyable and fun experience. She was in desperate need of an activity that goes beyond exploring our backyard or our neighborhood streets and honestly, so was I. When we found The Waterdrinker Family Farm & Garden, I knew it was the exact place I was looking for! It was just under an hour drive away from where we live so, we quickly got ready and drove out to the farm early that afternoon.

Sunflower Festival

Immediately as you walk into the farm from the parking lot, you can see the immense field of sunflowers. The farm has allocated designated "selfie and photography" field areas and another field area designated for picking flowers. I thought this was a clever idea because it guarantees you the perfect photos with a field full of beautiful sunflowers. Although sunflowers are my one and only favorite flower, I had never visited a sunflower field before.

I was fascinated by the beauty of all the flowers and their large size. Many of which could cover my entire face!

We had such a great time, walking through the field and taking photos, as if we were supermodels in a magazine photoshoot. Of course, I could not resist picking some flowers to take home with me. (Each hand-picked flower is $2, smaller ones are $1.) It was such a wonderful feeling to wake up each morning to a fresh bouquet of hand picked flowers sitting in my living room table. Staring at it as I drank my morning coffee everyday simply brought me so much joy.

Barnyard Animals

I was so excited that they had a small barnyard with animals for Celine to see in person. It was one of the main reasons that I was immediately sold on driving the distance to visit this place. For a while now, I had been wanting to take Celine to a zoo or animal farm. It was nice that we could get that experience there as well. Due to current circumstances, we were not allowed to pet or feed the animals. Nonetheless, I could tell Celine truly enjoyed seeing the pigs rolling in the yucky mud, the goats, the alpacas with their perfectly long eyelashes, the donkeys, and the beautiful ponies. It was especially memorable to see the thrill in her face when hearing the real-life animal sounds she mimics often, when singing the "Old McDonald" song.

I was obsessed with the baby goats. Aren't they just irresistibly adorable?

Family Adventure & Fun

The Waterdrinker farm has so many fun play activities, that you can literally be there for an entire day! The best part is that the activities are well suited for both children as well as adults to enjoy together. Take a look at the list below of all the fun games and activities they have available.

-Mini Golf


-Cornfield Maze

-Kid's Playground with sandbox, slides, and pretend train, ship, and jeep

-Jumbo Jump Pad

-Steam Roller

-Jumbo Jenga Game Tables

-Obstacle Course

-"O.K. Corral": Rodeo Bull Riding, Pony Pedal Cars, & More

-Tiki Ring Toss

Our favorite clearly was the jumping pad. As for Celine, I think she loved it all! She was especially excited to see the jumbo Jenga blocks. My husband had just introduced her to the game a few days prior. As soon as she saw it she recognized the game and ran to go play.

Photo Ops

This farm has the best and largest variety of photo ops I've seen anywhere yet! We had so much fun taking pictures at nearly every one around the entire farm. Check out all our fun photos!

Open Market & Refreshments

Without a doubt I would like to go back to visit this fun place.

One thing that I really want to go back for is to be able to visit the market. Upon arrival to the farm, I was able to see from afar all the beautiful plants and fresh produce they have for sale. Also, I've heard their cafe has the most amazing corn on the cob and hot dogs. Unfortunately, by the time we left, the market had already closed. Next time, I'll make sure to stop there before getting side tracked by all the fun games inside!

Safety & Protocols

Of course, I cannot close this post without mentioning how impressed and satisfied I was with the safety protocols they have established at the farm. Everywhere along the entire property there were signs with friendly reminders to wear a mask and practice social distancing. There were also many small sinks with soap and running water located in different areas for easy hand washing. We visited the farm on a Friday afternoon and there were a good amount of other families there as well. However, because of the large size of the property and the way everything is spaced out, I never encountered any of my paranoia or concern of being too close to others. I have to say felt pretty safe during the entire visit.

On the way back home, Celine was so tired she feel asleep immediately after I drove out of the farm parking lot. I could tell it was a very memorable and fun experience for her because she spoke about it for the entire weekend. She recounted all the fun she had to her dad and pleaded him to go with her again. Even myself, as the grown adult that I am, feel the desire to go back again sometime before the Winter season kicks in and we really have to be stuck at home. I highly recommend visiting The Waterdrinker Farm and Garden on Long Island for your before Summer ends day of family fun...

...Sew This is Life!

You can check out The Waterdrinker Farm instagram page here for up to date information on events and hours of operation. Admission prices are fairly inexpensive:

Adults & Children: $10 *Children 2 & under are Free

Parking is also Free

Admission prices includes all activities listed above. Hand-picked sunflowers are $2/$1 for small ones.

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