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“Spring is a Time to Find Out Where You Are, Who You Are, and Move Toward Where You Are Going.”~Pene

After a long week of continuous rain and dark clouds, Spring-like weather decided to finally make its way to New York today. Is it just me or do people just seem a little bit happier on a warm and sunny Spring day? Even for today being a Monday and all, everywhere I went people were just smiling and giving off such positive vibes. I definitely was in a GREAT mood as well. Nothing special, just a regular Monday like any other, however, waking up to a bright new Spring day always does the trick for me.

Spring, as noted by this beautiful quote, radiates in me a sense of rebirth and freshness. Although today might've been a Monday like any other it was different because I made it feel different by my emotions and thoughts. This morning, as I drove my daughter to daycare and the glare of the sun hit my face, I decided it was going to be not just a good day but, a GREAT day!

This morning, as the birds chirped and I smelled the warmness of the day in the air, I decided that today was an opportunity to a fresh new start. I decided that today would not be the same as yesterday because I was going to be as productive as I possibly could. I thought in my head all of the things I needed to accomplish for the day and I was anxious to get it all done. All those smaller accomplishments are what will get me to my ultimate achievement and that's what drives and motivates me.

As I read this quote today, I felt the need to share it in hopes that it will inspire in you a sense of renewal and motivation towards where you want to be or just anything you would like to accomplish. Life is beautiful and there should always be a driving force to persevere. Let's be honest though, when the weather isn't sunny, bright, and warm, we tend to get gloomy and unproductive. (I know I do sometimes, no matter how hard I try to stay focused.) Thus, take advantage of this new beautiful season the Earth has blessed us with and get INSPIRED to start anew or to continue working towards your goals today...

...Sew This is Life!

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