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Baby's 1st Day at the Park

Mother Nature finally allowed us to enjoy a few days of actual Spring weather this past week and we, New Yorkers were LOVING IT! We hadn't seen anything close to even 60 degree weather in who knows how long. On Wednesday, as I drove home from work at around 2:30pm, I read on my dashboard it was 66 degrees outside! I was driving with the windows down because of how warm I was in the car. Immediately, I thought about my little munchkin who had been home sick with my husband all week with a gastrointestinal virus. She had been sick since last Saturday and was finally better but, we decided to keep her home just one more day to make sure she was completely better.

As soon as I arrived home, my husband had to run out of the house for work. I cannot even describe the sad look on my daughter's face when she noticed she was not leaving with him. She was not used to spending so many days at home and missed going to daycare. I decided to take her out to the park which is only 2 blocks from where we live. I thought it would be a nice walk for me and a good breath of fresh air for her. We got ready, I put her in the stroller and walked the two blocks to the playground.

My daughter had been so happy when she realized I was taking her outside but, that was nothing compared to the excitement in her eyes when we arrived to the playground. The park was so full of children, I thought maybe it was an activity from the church next door that was going on or something. I hadn't even finished removing the straps from the stroller when she pushed herself off and began walking around smiling. At that moment, I realized this was the very first time I had ever taken her to a playground for her to run around and play on her own. Last spring and summer, she was merely 6-10 months and couldn't even walk yet! The only thing I was able to do with her last summer was go on strolls with her while she sat in her stroller or take her to the library where she would see other children her age.

Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed watching her happy little face watching the bigger kids play and her trying to catch up to them. Seeing her try to climb the slides on her own and trying to figure out all the different toys on the playground. Hearing her laugh every time she came down the slide, filled me with so much joy. The protective mother that I am however, I kept following her every step she took and kept trying to hold her tiny hand. It was a struggle though because all she wanted to do was to be free as if she was all grown up already.

As expected from living in New York all my life, the winds started picking up and it was time to start heading back home. My little one of course was not happy about this at all. If it were up to her she would still be at that playground running around now! Nonetheless, I know she had a good time and I am so grateful that I was able to provide her with that stimulating and fun experience.

One thing this experience definitely showed me was the harsh reality of how quickly time is going by and how important it is for me to cherish every single second I can get with my daughter. It is unbelievable how everyday she is becoming just a bit more independent and learning to do so many things on her own. It evokes in me a sense of pride and sadness all at the same time. However, I know that the best thing I can do for her is not dwell on the sadness of loosing my little baby girl but, continue to encourage and nourish her development every chance I get...

...Sew This is Life!

*P.S. : My daughter will be turning 1 1/2 soon so, be on the look out for a new baby update post coming up!

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