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"Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?" ~Edgar Allen Poe

"It's great to have big dreams. They can buoy you through dark times, and inspire you to reach the stars. But sometimes it's worth focusing on smaller parts of your dreams. These can often be attainable in the shorter term, and can underwrite your longer expeditions." (Patrick Lindsay, Make the Most of You)

Today's quote of the week is in hopes to inspire you to continue to DREAM BIG! Even if what you are working on today, does not seem as though it is part of that BIG DREAM, in the long-run it will help get you closer to reaching that dream. Everything you do today no matter how small, will all become a piece of the ladder you will use to climb up to your ultimate goal. Don't let anything discourage you or distract you from what your big dream is and just keep pushing forward. Use everyday, every hour, every minute, every second of your time to the fullest advantage because everything you do in this moment will shape your future tomorrow. Those smaller accomplishments are what will fuel you to want to keep moving forward.

As I was skimming through my "Make the Most of You" book for the thousandth time, I felt like this quote really spoke to me in this moment of my life. This summer has been insanely busy for me. I was beginning to feel like I was not keeping up with the things that really made me happy nor the things I thought were part of my goals. I felt like these past couple of months were distracting me from the bigger picture. However, after reading this quote, I realized how completely wrong I was.

I realized that every single thing I had done this summer was also a part of that BIG DREAM. I came to understand that without having done any of those smaller things, I would never be able to get to where I want to be. Whether it was doing things that helped me grow personally, professionally, or educationally, it all is a part of becoming the individual I need to be in the future, when I reach my BIG DREAM.

...Sew This is Life!

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