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Surviving a 3-hour College Course with a Baby! (Baby Sits in a College Class)

Yesterday, I did something I never thought I would ever have to do. Yes, I was that college student who actually brought her baby to class! I know it sounds crazy and believe me, I was so nervous to walk into that classroom to see my classmates' facial expressions. I was so afraid the instructor was going to tell me I couldn't sit in the class, I was drenched in sweat by the time I reached the classroom door!

The thing is, I had no other choice but to haul my daughter along with me. My husband recently had a work schedule change so, he was working a late shift. My mother is in her new hometown all the way in Atlanta, Georgia. My older sister is busy enough with my 13 month old nephew and everyone else we trust to babysit were also at work. I decided to just try my luck and bring her with me to class. I thought to myself, the worse thing that could happen would be for my instructor to ask me to leave. Then, I would have to pay to re-take the workshop in order to get my NYS teaching certification. However, if all went well, I could get the last day of the 2-day workshop over with and avoid any certification delays.

Thankfully, my instructor was nice enough to allow my daughter to sit in the class with me. However, I still sat sweating like crazy in my chair in front of the entire class, not sure of how my daughter would behave for the next 3 hours. Surprisingly enough, with the help of "The Emoji Movie" (her favorite), my green highlighter, and a 15-minute break with which I changed her diaper and breastfed her, she was pretty well-behaved. Besides a few "mama, dada!" yells in the middle of the instructor's lecture, she was cooperative. At the end of the class, a lot of the other students came up to her, said hello, and commended me on what a good baby she is. Even the instructor, said she was a very well behaved baby!

After walking out of the class with my certificate of completion, I felt so glad that I didn't let the fear of being kicked out of class stop me from accomplishing my goal. Ever since my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby, he would always say to me, "We must never allow our daughter to become an excuse for not attaining our goals." As I walked out of the campus building, pushing my daughter's stroller, I heard his voice saying those words to me and I couldn't help but smile in gratification...

...Sew This is Life!

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