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Top 8 Baby Must-Haves (4 Months to 8 Months)

Next week, (8 days to be exact) my little princess will be turning 8 months old. I have no idea how we got here so fast! It's like everything went really slow from the time she was born up until she turned about 3 months. After that it all started going so quickly, I can barely keep up.

Here's a list of the things I could not see myself without during these past 4 months for all you soon to be moms.

1) Baby Bullet by Magic Bullet

When I was pregnant, my cousin recommended I add this to my baby registry. At the time she mentioned it, I was stunned. I had no idea there was such a thing as a magic bullet for babies! It wasn't until I started feeding my daughter solids that I realized how perfect and beneficial this blender really is. The package even comes with two guides filled with month by month food prep ideas and instructions for your baby. There is not a day that goes by that I don't use this machine!

2) Graco Swivi Seat 3 in 1 Booster High Chair

This is a repeat from my Newborn to 3 Months Baby Must-Haves post. (Click here to read) I had to add this chair to this list of baby must-haves because I still continue to use this chair every single day. It is the most convenient high chair. Especially, since our small apartment has no extra storage space, this chair is ideal for us! (I must thank my husband for adding it to the registry and my great dear friend for gifting it to us.) Now that my daughter is older and eating solids, she is able to eat and interact with us at the dinner table.

3) Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

I purchased this jumper for my daughter after she turned 4 months old. Once we realized the Mamaroo wasn't keeping her entertained, we knew it was time for something a little more stimulating and adventurous for her. I can't even begin to explain how much my daughter enjoys being on this jumper. She loves to be in it while she watches her favorite tv shows and movies. For me it was just so amazing to see her learn overtime how to play with all the toys. At first she only bounced and chewed on the little butterfly. However, with time, I noticed she started to grab and roll all the other toys. It gave me such a sense of pride to see how she was learning and developing new motor skills every day. Another great thing about this jumper is that you can get things done while your baby is in a safe place. When my daughter is in her jumper I get my morning pumping done, cleaning, workouts, and so much more. She's turning 8 months and still continues to love it. It's a great investment, believe me! (By the way, an update on the Mamaroo for you moms who have it or who are thinking of purchasing one for your baby. My daughter has now almost outgrown it. I only lay her in it when she naps during the middle of the day. With experience, I learned not to put her in it while she is awake anymore because she moves around and sits up in it. Her weight shifting while she fidgets around the seat causes it to malfunction when it's in motion and is not safe at all. *I've shared some funny photos of that day below, maybe you'll get a good chuckle like I did.)

4) Netflix

This brings me to my next top must-have for babies at this age, NETFLIX!!! Yes, Netflix. Netflix has a huge listing of great baby friendly shows and movies. (ei: Little Baby Bum, Word Party, and so many more) My daughter loves watching tv and every time she's on her jumper, her favorite Netflix shows must be on! Sometimes when she's fussy and cranky, I just turn on her favorite show and immediately she's calmed.

5) Uberchild Evo 3 in 1 Travel System

I did not include this in my newborn baby must-haves list. Although I was in love with this travel system way before my daughter was born, it was not until she got older that I started to make use of all the features in this system. After using the car seat, the bassinet, and now switching to the seat unit on the stroller, I cannot recommend this travel system enough. To begin with the package comes with all the items illustrated in the picture so, it's a travel system that can be used at every stage of your baby's early years. I recently switched the bassinet for the seat unit since my daughter is too big to be carried in the bassinet and I am loving it! Now that the weather is warmer and I can take her out on walks with me the seat unit is so much more convenient. It is so durable, safe, and comfortable for my daughter. It can be layed all the way back when she falls asleep and brought all the way up forward when she is awake. Not to mention, the adjustable sun protecting hood is big enough to fully protect her in every position while she's in the stroller. This travel system is such a good deal for all the items you get, it's so worth it!

6) Long Sleeve Sleeping Bags

There's was no way my husband and I could swaddle our daughter after she had turned 4 months old. To begin with, from the day she was born she never really liked to be fully swaddled.(We always had to keep her tiny arms out and just swaddle her from her armpits down.) Another major sign at this age was that I would always wake up to notice her body laying in a totally different position from where I had put her down to sleep the night before, which let me know she was doing a lot of moving in her sleep. Immediately I knew swaddling was no longer going to work nor was it safe for her anymore. These pajama sleeping bags were my solution and I honestly think they are the best invention for babies. Not only is it a safe way to keep your baby warm while they sleep (SIDS prevention) but, it's also very convenient for us moms. The zipper closure allows for easy and quick diaper changes without any hassle. Not to mention babies feel super comfortable in it because their legs are free to move around.

7) Fridababy NoseFrida Snotsucker Saline Kit

This one has made the cut once again! I included the NoseFrida in my Newborn to 3 Month old must-haves post. (Click here to read) The weather in NYC is so unpredictable at times and with that comes a lot of moments when my daughter has been overly congested with mucus. This thing is literally a lifesaver! I think every mom should have one of these at home.

8) Nature's Bond Baby Fruit & Food Feeder

This food feeder is perfect for when you initiate solids with your baby. I started using this with my daughter when she was about 5 months old. I would fill the sac with strawberries, bananas, or blueberries and she would enjoy it so much. Especially the fact that she can soothe her teething gums with it by nibbling on it made it even more enjoyable for her. The package is so worth the price because it comes with 2 feeders and 6 sacs of 3 different sizes. Each sac from smallest to largest is designed specifically to be suitable for your baby's age. It's also so easy to clean. What I love about it the most is that the feeders come with a lid/cover so you can easily store the unfinished fruit or vegetable in the fridge or prep it for an easy on the go snack.

I hope this list can be of great help to my fellow moms out there. I hope it gives you a better insight as to what you will be needing once your baby starts growing and developing over the months. Every baby is different and grows at different paces. What one baby likes may not be what the other likes. You might just have to do trial and error with yours, just like I did with my daughter, before you actually begin to learn what your baby's preferences are. Isn't that a huge part of motherhood is anyway?... Learning by doing...

...Sew This is Life!

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