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Afternoon Date at Sweet Tooth Heaven-Butter & Scotch Brooklyn

My husband and I are guilty as charged for having the ultimate sweet tooth barely 2 minutes after having a meal! Before I met my husband, I was convinced my condition was bad but, he definitely has got it worse!

For the past week, I had really been craving a really good dessert and in desperate need of some adult socializing. One Saturday afternoon, my sister and I decided to take some time out of our mom lives and go to a restaurant together. Of course the babies and the hubbies came along as well. (A break is never really a break in mommy world.) I did some research and came across a bakery/bar really close to our area. This place sounded perfect for us, we literally wanted drinks and some delicious desserts!

Walking into the place, my excitement of having a nice big slice of their infamous rainbow sprinkled birthday cake, was immediately crushed. (Not to mention, I accidentally walked in through the kitchen door where I was able to smell and view all the delicious desserts that were being baked.) The place was very small and it was already filled with people. I tried to peek all the way to the back passed the bar to get a glimpse of their tables. Not only were there no empty tables in that back area but, I noticed we were not going to be able to squeeze ourselves in there plus two baby car seats. On top of that, the place only offers self seating so, there was no way we were going to be able to wait by the bar for a table to empty with the two babies.

With great disappointment, I explained to my husband and my sister who were waiting outside in the cars, that we should try going somewhere else. I described to my husband how cool the place seemed and all the delicious pies on their menu. He also developed a great interest of wanting to go back and try the place out. (Especially when he heard they had pecan pie!)

The following Friday, my husband happened to have a late shift at work. He told me he wanted to take my daughter and I to try the bakery/bar before he had to leave for work. We arrived at about 4pm, right before happy hour. Thankfully, the bar had just a few people seated. In the back area nearly all the tables were empty except for one. To my surprise two moms were seated at one of the tables with their babies, which by the way looked like they weren't older than 2 months!

We sat all the way at the back corner where we had a view of the entire bar. The decor had a fun theme of pop art that just made you feel so happy inside. Not to mention, the amazing aroma of freshly baked pies coming from the kitchen. We ordered their nachos platter to start. My husband of course ordered the "Bourbon Ginger Pecan Pie" and I had the "Birthday Cake".

By the way my husband devoured his slice of pie I could just tell how much he loved it. He actually said that it was the best pecan pie he's ever had! Oh, and that chunky slice of 3-layered birthday cake with it's mouth-watering rainbow sprinkles. All I could say is that it was perfection!

Next time your in the Crown Heights Brooklyn area and in need to quench that sweet tooth thirst, I definitely recommend paying a visit to "Butter & Scotch". Just remember, make sure to plan your visit during their non-busy hours if your bringing along the kiddos...

...Sew This is Life!

Thank you Daddy for our date!!

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