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“To the world you may be one person; But to one person you may be the world.” ~ Dr. Seuss

This week’s quote is meant to remind you of how important YOU are. Whether you are a mother, a wife, a significant other, a friend, a sister, or even a daughter, to someone in this world, YOU matter. Your existence, your being, matters to someone in this world. As Dr.Seuss states in his quote to the world you may just be a non factor person like any other but to someone in this world you may be a special person that is needed and desired. It was not until after I became a mom, that I realized the true significance of this quote. I recall coming home from the hospital with my daughter and feeling a sense of melancholy and worry. As I watched her tiny defenseless body in the crib, I thought to myself, I am responsible for protecting, loving, caring for, and raising this person. A baby comes into this world not knowing anything, not even how to feed itself. They depend on their caretakers for survival.

Watching my daughter, I couldn't help but to feel sad because I knew she relied on me and I worried I wouldn't be a good caregiver. At that moment, I understood I had to do everything in my power to be a great mother to her. Not only a great mother, I had to be the best person I could be in every way possible. At that instance I realized I was all she had and she was all I had...

...Sew This is Life!

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