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Unique DIY Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Haven't had time to grab that special someone a Valentine's day gift yet? Or are you simply out of ideas already? (This tends to happen when you are in a long term relationship.) Sometimes the best gifts are those where you get super creative and simply make something unique to show just how much you love that person.

Here's a unique gift idea I did for my husband a couple years ago when I just wanted to give him something that would say a little more than a card or a box of chocolates would.

I picked up this really cool and fun miniature size fill-in the blanks book at Barnes & Noble and decided I would make it a little more special by adding my own personal touches to every page. I LOVE taking pictures! I make an effort to always take pictures of every moment in life because I love being able to go back and reminisce on all the good times. When it came to pictures of my husband and I, I had tons saved in albums everywhere!!

I began by filling in every blank in the pages and later looked through all our years of photos to pick out all the right images that would fit in well. Once I had them all selected and organized by page, I printed them out in small sizes (so that they can fit in the small book) and glued them down. Some pages, I was even able to fit more than one image!

I then wrapped it in a nice wrapping paper and added a bow. He was so surprised! From the look on his face I could tell he really enjoyed reading every single page and looking at the photos to go along with it. He enjoyed it so much he read through it a couple times!

This turned out to be a great, easy, inexpensive and quick last minute valentine's day gift. It was very unique, special, and unexpected. The best part is that it's something that he can keep forever and can always look back at for memories. (It actually still sits on our bookshelf now.) Out of all the gifts I have given my husband throughout the years, I must say this has been one that has made me feel most satisfied because it's something I created myself especially for him!

Here is the book information and where you can purchase it.

"What I Love About You" by Knock Knock ($10.00 USD)

Urban Outfitters





Barnes & Noble

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