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Mommy & Me Weekend Getaway

This past weekend I was gifted with the opportunity to go on a 4-day trip to Florida with my daughter and mother-in-law. I must admit at first, the idea of going on a plane with my 3 month old daughter for the very first time freaked us out tremendously. My husband especially was super nervous about whether it would be safe for her to travel and be exposed to the many germs on an airplane. He did not allow us to go anywhere without speaking to our pediatrician and getting her okay first. I, on the other hand, was more worried about the troubles of traveling with an infant. After getting the green light from the pediatrician and confirming our travel date, all kinds of concerns ran through my mind. "Will I be able to take the car seat?...Will I fit all of our stuff in just a carry-on bag?...Should I take expressed milk on the plane?...Will she be okay during the flight?..." Going out with an infant locally on a regular day can become so complicated at times, the thought of traveling to another state on an airplane was nerve wrecking!

As the travel date came closer, I began to prepare mentally and physically. I began by setting aside everything I would need for myself first and then focused on the harder part, packing for my daughter. I realized there would be no way I could travel with all of our belongings with just a carry-on luggage. It turned out to be more convenient to pay the extra fee ($25) to check-in a bag anyway because of all the things I had to carry all the way to the gate (stroller, car seat, diaper bag, my purse, etc.).

Here are the things I packed for my daughter:

In the diaper bag:

-one pack of diapers, 40 count

-my breastfeeding scarf

-2 blankets

-1 heavy blanket

-travel pack wipes

-2 extra sets of outfits

-grooming kit

-diaper changing mat

-travel size hand sanitizer

-diaper rash cream

-baby lotion


-Infant Tynenol

In the check-in luggage:

-4 sets of pijamas

-8 sets of pants and onesies outfits

-3 dresses

-2 jackets (weather in Florida during the winter is pretty cool)

-matching headbands

-6 pairs of socks

-2 hats

-3 sneakers

-bathing soap

-baby towel

-3 baby rags/cloths

-breastpump and pump parts

-empty baby bottle

-1 pack of baby wipes

-"Summer" Infant Travel Bed

*I obviously over packed on clothing but, in my opinion you can never have too much clothes for a baby.

Surprisingly, the flight to and from was not nearly as bad as I imagined. The trip was a mere 2.5 hours to go and less than 2 hours coming back home. The shorter the time on the plane, the less chances for accidents and mishaps to occur, is my thought. Thankfully for my fellow flight passengers and myself, my daughter was very well behaved. She did not cry not one bit on either flights! Part of the reason was because I was sure to breastfeed her on departure and landing of the plane. It is highly recommended that you feed your baby while the plane is departing and landing. The swallowing will help your baby to avoid feeling any ear pains from the change in altitudes. While I heard many babies and toddlers crying on the plane, I was glad it wasn't mine and that she was in no pain during the entirety of the flight.

I must say, while this trip was a great learning experience for me as a mother, I also learned a great deal about life in general. I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend with two amazing mothers that I look up to a great deal. I was able to get to know each of these women who play such a major role in my daughter's life on a deeper level. Ending this trip, I felt as if we had built a connection we had never shared before. Each of these women had their own trials and tribulations early in life. However, those hardships are what allowed them to become the strong, successful, and happy women and mothers I know them as today. I realized these triumphant ladies were my real life definition of SUPERWOMEN and spending those days with them just inspired me to never give up on life no matter how hard it may get.

By the same token, this trip also helped me realize how much of a true sacrifice it is to be a breastfeeding mother. I was not able to have a leisure glass of wine every time I wanted. All alcoholic beverages had to be pre-planned and limited to only one glass. Most people will say to you, "well just give him/her formula so that you can enjoy your time out". However, after my daughter was born, I told myself this was something I really wanted to dedicate my life to doing. No matter what it took or how hard it became, I wanted to do this for my daughter's sake. To be honest, sometimes it seems as if I can't catch a break and I feel like just throwing in the towel but then, I think about how far I've come and dismiss the thought immediately. Through my short time as a mother, I've learned that breastfeeding just like motherhood is a LIFESTYLE. Enjoying a couple drinks and food out with friends, yes can be very stress relieving but, nothing makes me happier than nourishing my daughter. For now I will just continue to dream about the days when I can go back to leisurely enjoying a couple glasses of wine or beer without having to worry about my daughter's next feeding...

...Sew this is LIFE!

Here are a couple of places I would definitely recommend to check out if you are planning on visiting Florida:

*Taverna Opa Orlando

This Greek restaurant is an all-in-one spot. The food is AMAZING, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is such a free-spirited family-friendly environment. They even have belly-dancers every night as a free entertainment! To my surprise, the music played was a variety of all genres and cultures. They even played some old school hip-hop! The best part is that they allow guests to get up and dance even on the tables! Not to mention, waiters randomly come around throwing napkins into the air adding to the fun. If you're looking for some great food, good music, and some family fun even the kids will enjoy, this is the place to go!


I must admit this was my favorite place visited on this trip! It was so tranquil and peaceful with its outdoor lake view waiting area and dining deck. The service is also OUTSTANDING!! The waiters not only look so sharp in their Ralph Lauren shirts but, are extremely friendly and efficient. This place is so perfect for a relaxing glass of wine to relieve some stress after a long week at work. I myself could not resist and had a glass of their exquisite white wine!

*The Mall at Millenia

This mall is one of the most beautiful malls I have seen thus far! It's tall lit tropical palm trees, create such a beautiful scenery and make you feel as though you are on some tropical island outside of the U.S. The mall is filled with a vast number of designer stores and restaurants. We had dinner at Brio Tuscan Grille which, had amazing italian appetizers, entrees, and desserts (Their creme brûlée did not disappoint!). Thankfully the mall has valet service right at the front entrance so, we saved ourselves from being soaked in the pouring rain at the end of the night.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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