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"Don't fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today." ~

A year ago today, my husband and I could've been found at the gym working out our usual weight training routines, I can clearly recall it was a leg day. Of course, at the time we were not married, did not have our own apartment together and much less had our daughter or even considered the idea of her existence!

We were two young love birds just beginning to dive into the idea of a life together as a serious couple. At the time this meant moving in together into our own place. Yes, during this time we had already been in search for an apartment. In the mean time we were both still living under our parents roof and saving up for a possible future together. However, we had no clue we would be sitting where we are today.

What began as a couple's journey moving on to the next level in their relationship, ended up becoming a plot twisting story.

I explain all of this to bring about the purpose of my choosing the above quote for this particular week. On this very day last year, my husband and I were full of fears just on the fact of us getting our own apartment together and taking on this new responsibility as a couple. To think that was our fear and today, exactly a year later, we sit here in our very own apartment, married, and with a beautiful 2 month old baby.

Your fears will always be your biggest enemy and will always be your biggest setback. I'm glad we didn't let our fears overcome us because who knows where we would've been today. Along the way, we gained much more fears than we ever imagined but we continued to preserver until we let those fears go and allowed ourselves to gain all that we are blessed to have today.

Where we are this year is nowhere near the exact same place we were last year...

...Sew this is life!

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